Monday, November 6, 2017

GSV Pilot Review #3: It's Predictable

Host: Gene Rayburn
Announcer: Johnny Olson
Packager: Goodson-Todman Productions

That is one...really ugly set
Hi there, Gene.
Prediction Game: Gene posed a question to the three contestants, such as as "what is your least favorite household chore," and the contestants tried to predict how a group of pre-recorded individuals responded. Each time a contestant's answer matched that of the respondents, he/she earned 10 points per match.

The three contestants, probably wondering what they got themselves into.

The Memory Game: Immediately following each Prediction Game, the contestants were shown the face of a respondent; the first contestant to buzz in attempted to recall which answer was given by that respondent. A correct recollection added 20 points, with a wrong recollection subtracting 20 points. The Memory Game continued like this until the "Time's Up" signal.

After three of these Prediction/Memory rounds were played, the contestant with the highest score won $100 and moved on to the end game, The Jury Game.

The Jury Game - The Jury happened to be comprised of 13 unmarried ladies. Three Yes/No questions were asked, such as "do you sleep in the nude, and the contestant tried to predict how the majority responded. Each correct prediction was worth an additional $100.

Remind you of any other shows?

1970 was a rough year for new game show formats, and this one was just plain dry; Gene tried his best to work with what he was given. It's by no means unwatchable, it'd work as Buzzr Lost & Found entry to be checked out once. I just wouldn't anticipate many wanting to watch it more than that one time 😁

Like they say, not everyone strikes gold every time.

The Good: Gene moved the game along at a good pace, there were a couple of humorous answers given.

The Bad: Neither the main game nor the endgame were engaging and the show felt like a chore to watch after the second round.

The Ugly: The set's Mondrian / Partridge Family motif was just hideous. The buzzer was also easily the most grating noise I can recall hearing on a game show.

Overall Grade: D

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